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I’ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer- help!
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I’ve noticed a lump in my breast
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I have breast pain               
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I need advice about breastfeeding
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Symptoms Overview  
Symptoms are problems you experience with your breasts. They can only be described by you, which is what makes it really important that when you speak to a doctor, they listen to what you are feeling. Symptoms can often be associated with signs in the breast- those are problems which are picked up by your doctor during examination. This is why consulting with a women then examining her go so well together- listening to symptoms then picking up signs to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

Benign breast disease can be classified according to presentation. The most common symptoms women notice in their breasts are: These are the most common reasons women come to a doctor with a breast problem.Sometimes the real question is “Could this be cancer?”, and in every consultation we need to ask this and make sure we answer this question. That is why every patient should have a thorough consultation, examination and investigations including ultrasound and mammogram depending on age and symptom. Some of the ways we investigate breast problems are outlined here